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We BELIEVE that God calls us to share His story, and your story, with the world.

You have a vision with purpose. Our mission is to implement your unique message

through a high quality, life-giving live event experience.


If these items below describe you reasonably well, then our ministry is built to serve you. We imagine that you want to have a high-quality, faith-based event that makes a big impact on your community. Your vision is ready to come to life - all you need is someone to go make it happen. If this is you, we're ready.

  • Your event has a Christian purpose at its foundation.

  • You anticipate at least 300 people in attendance at your event.

  • You are ready to start developing your event now.   

  • You have an approximate date, and a possible venue within the United States, already in mind.

  • You have an organization, or a ministry, that will process financial needs of the event.

  • You have at least $8,000 available to spend on program and production services.

  • You anticipate the need for audio/lights/video/crew resources and/or technical direction onsite.


Why do ministries partner with us?

  • They resonate with the Christian foundation of our ministry and are relieved to have found a provider that provides so many essential event services under one roof, with one team.

  • They need someone to ask the right questions to figure out all the technical needs and production gear necessary to produce a great event. They would much rather have a 1-stop source for all event services, as opposed to lots of different providers that do just one thing.

  • They need to delegate major portions of the event management task list to save time, remove stress, and lighten their load. They are out of time and need quick solutions and creative alternatives.

  • Instead of finding a handful of niche providers, they find it highly beneficial to have one (ministry-minded) organization be involved that can lead the program content too. Our production ministry is entirely unique in our emphasis on developing creative and powerful programming content too - this is just as important as providing production and technical solutions.

  • They are not pleased with current providers because they are too expensive, unorganized, hard to communicate with, or incapable of serving appropriately in Christian environments. They are sometimes confused or intimidated by providers that lack sensitivity and professional courtesy in the production industry. The many nuances of limited budgets, cultural needs, ministry quirks, and unique programming features specific to Christian settings (worship sets, a Mass, processions, adoration, student leaders, etc) require an experienced team who live and breathe the same mission and method every day.

  • Our approach is flexible and allows us to serve events ranging in size from 300 to 75,000. If you can dream it, we can help make it a reality.

Industry Expertise

  • OtBM has been producing large-scale live events for Christian ministries since 1999. Click here for a list of some of the past and current organizations that we have the opportunity to serve.

  • Faith-based events are the ONLY type of events that we serve. We believe in your message – it’s the only reason we exist.

  • OtBM is a non-profit 501c3 public charity organization. We understand ministries, because we are one. We get it!

  • Our production crews are Christian men and women who come from various church, missionary, pastoral, production and freelance backgrounds. Our crews personally believe in your message – it’s not a gig, it’s a mission.

  • We currently have 6 people on staff, and dozens of freelance contractors who diligently work to fulfill the needs of each event. We have talented team, with a lifetime of experience.

  • Our OtBM team has a big heart, and a passion for this work that we feel called to. We look forward to joining your team, meeting each of you, and serving you with the same generous spirit that has given us the trusted reputation we have among our long and growing list of ministry partners.

  • Check out this list of quotes and referrals from a few of our recent event partners…

Next step

  • Invite OtBM to join your team so you can survive and thrive during the event development process.


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