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There are A LOT of details that have to be worked out before an event can take place. We are a

one-stop-source for all your event needs. We can provide any combination of services outlined below. Each event is customized to suit your specific needs, and don't worry if you aren't sure

what you need. We've been down this road hundreds of times and we can patiently guide the way.

Our contracts are simple, our team is kind, and we're excited to hear your story.



Do you need a sound system, screens, projectors, cables, microphones, instruments, truss, cameras, consoles, trucks, and crew to set it up? Well, that's us. We can provide every piece of production equipment you could possibly need for an event of any size, plus the people to run it.

Audio | Video | Lights | Technicians



We work with you to establish a rundown (run of show) of every moment of the event. We then coordinate these details with everyone involved to ensure the entire event runs smoothly.

Theme | Rundown | Scripts | Media | Creative Experiences



Need graphics for your event?

We can provide the graphic designs

for everything your event needs.

Event Logo | Website Design | Posters | Announcement Slides |

Flyers | Social Media banners | Banners



There are a lot of details that go into planning an event that many planners don't even think of. That's where our Event Logistics team comes in. They ask and answer all the right questions so you don't have to.

Event Registration | Venue Diagrams | Budgets | Contracts | Communication | Talent Coordinator



We promise not to leave you hanging when it comes to event week. We always provide an OtBM team to help execute the event alongside you and to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Producer | Stage Manager | Graphics Controller | Audio Engineers |

Video Directors | Camera Operators | Stagehands | Riggers



Do you need to book a keynote speaker or a band? We can handle all talent communications to invite, contract, and manage logistics for notable individuals for the program. 

Contracts | Riders | Edits | Day Sheets | Travel details | Booking

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